About Us

GD Legal is the Gesdocument division specialising in legal consulting and assistance for small and medium-sized companies.

We are Spain’s leading provider of professional services. We do not take the same approach as a traditional firm of lawyers would to your company’s legal affairs. We work only with small medium-sized enterprises, and our approach is pragmatic and multidisciplinary.

Therefore, GD Legal helps small medium-sized enterprises with any legal matters, whether it involves labour law, taxes, mercantile law, technology regulations, immigration or expatriation. We provide solutions to suit the needs of each business from our offices in Madrid and offices in Barcelona.

Our service has a wide scope and is notable for the advanced capacities of our professionals. We are more prepared than the traditional legal firms, because as a legal services provider, we guarantee the continuity of the service, while this can also be scaled up if necessary, depending on the circumstances and needs of the client. And all at the right price.






We specialise in legal services for small and medium companies. As an illustration, these are a few of our satisfied clients.