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In our GD Legal offices in Barcelona, we work with small medium-sized companies, executives and wealth managers in the areas of mercantile legal practice, labour law, tax laws, procedural law, immigration and successions. Our lawyers and legal consultants understand the needs of small medium-sized companies and executives, so we can offer them the legal services they can use. Our approach is multidisciplinary and hands-on.

The Small Medium-Sized Companies Law Firm

GD Legal speaks the language of small and medium business. We take a highly pragmatic approach, and our unique selling point is that we are a long-established, solvent firm with scalable services and affordable prices.

360º of Legal Consulting

We work with a 360-degree viewpoint, with a team of expert lawyers and professionals from different legal disciplines. Our clients can trust us with all their legal issues, gaining the advantages of simplicity, coordination, and synergy.

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Ask us about your case and we can offer a solution to suit your needs.

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