Data Protection Law

Services for LOPD and LSSICE rights to data protection and security

GD Legal’s technology law department provides services for small medium-sized enterprises on everything relating to the Spanish Personal Data Protection Act (LOPD) and the IT and e-Commerce Services Act (LSSICE), with a practical approach to covering your legal obligations efficiently and effectively.

The LOPD regulations are difficult to apply in practice, because they require a dual approach to implementation: the legal side, and the technical and organisational aspects. This means that many small medium-sized enterprises are not operating entirely within the law in terms of data protection regulations, and those that have put measures in place may find they are outdated and no longer fully compliant.

With the approval in May 2016 of the new European General Data Protection Regulation, to be applied in all member States by 2018, the regulations on this subject have been updated, establishing new requirements which provide greater security for the public in the treatment of their personal data.

The biggest change is the creation of the position of Data Protection Officer (DPO), the person responsible for supervising compliance with these regulations. The DPO will be obligatory in a certain type of company, and is highly recommended for all companies which have to manage personal data in their day-to-day activity; in other words, most companies.

GD Legal can act as your DPO, so you can delegate to us all the tasks involved in compliance with these regulations.

We provide a comprehensive service. Our team of engineers and specialist lawyers means we can offer you 100% coverage of all the legal requirements in this crucial area, using simple, practical methods.

The service can be broken down as follows:

  • Practical application of the LOPD.
  • Practical application of the LSSICE.
abogados en madrid y barcelona para derecho a la protección de datos