Practical Application of the LSSICE

Consultancy services on the practical application of the LSSICE

The Data Protection Act (LOPD) is better known than the IT and e-Commerce Services Act (LSSICE), but compliance with the latter is essential for SMEs with an online presence, whether a simple website or a full-blown e-commerce business.

The LSSICE protects internet users and online consumers, giving them the right to information about their service providers. It also regulates everything relating to online advertising campaigns and global e-commerce.

Therefore, all the small and medium companies who are active online must meet the requirements of the LSSICE in order to avoid inspections and penalties.

Our LSSICE service includes reviewing and updating all the regulatory requirements applicable to your business and online activity. More specifically, it includes:

  • Drafting legal texts to include in the company website (legal notice, privacy policy, cookies, general contract conditions, etc.)
  • Drafting all the obligatory general contract conditions of your e-commerce site or online shop, adapted to the activity.
  • Reviewing compliance with the legal requirements in all your online advertising campaigns.

If you are not sure whether your company is applying these measures properly, or you want an audit, or a new system, and you want to ensure you are up to date, contact us for more information, with no commitment on your part.