Tax Inspections

Tax inspection services

At times, small medium-sized enterprises are subjected to tax procedures where they need expert professional help. GD Legal has extensive experience assisting our clients in all aspects of tax law and rulings. We provide assistance in subpoenas or cases where information is required, in limited verification procedures, and of course, in tax inspections.

We also offer assistance by our lawyers in cases heard in administrative courts (economic-administrative appeals or claims), and legal court proceedings relating to taxation.

Our mission as a trusted partner and expert in tax law is to make these delicate procedures easier for the small medium-sized enterprises. We offer wide-ranging coverage and the guarantee of a solvent, long-serving legal services company. Above all, we protect and look out for your interest.

In this area, we provide services including:

  • Preparing documentation for Tax Agency requirements and for limited verification procedures.
  • Assistance and guidance in verification and tax inspection procedures.
  • In court proceedings relating to taxation: drafting pleas, appeals, economic-administrative claims, and other extraordinary appeals.
  • Defence lawyers in administrative court proceedings relating to taxation.

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