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Mercantile and Company Law

Mercantile law services

GD Legal’s mercantile law department offers a comprehensive service covering mercantile, civil, and property law. We offer legal support for small medium-sized enterprises in the preparation and processing in mercantile law of legal documents relating to your business operations.

Our services range from incorporating companies, including their operational paperwork, to legal consulting on large-scale matters with high added value, such as:

  • Business restructuring operations
  • Proposing and executing property investment or divestment operations
  • Due diligence processes
  • Studies on land use, planning permission, and other town planning authorisations

We also provide support for small medium-sized enterprises in their daily operations, through negotiating, preparing, reviewing and finalising contracts, resolving disputes, recovering debts, and other services.

Our property services include, for example, legal consulting on property investments and divestments, leasing, registration, and cadastral corrections; coordinating the planning permission process; and presenting affidavits.

With GD Legal’s mercantile law service, small medium-sized enterprises have an accessible advising partner who is familiar with their business and will proactively manage any situation to get the best solution for them.

We have a multidisciplinary outlook, thanks to the fully comprehensive perspective of our advisors, with expertise in complementary legal disciplines. This gives your company more control over its operations and projects, greater efficiency and more legal certainty, while saving time and costs.

The services of GD Legal’s mercantile department include:

  • Mercantile law consulting
  • Incorporating companies, and company paperwork and bookkeeping
  • Contract advice
  • Settling disputes and recovering debts
  • Comprehensive legal advice in property transactions
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