Company Paperwork and Bookkeeping

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Managing companies and handling their paperwork requires technical and legal expertise, and the skills to prepare and execute all the protocols correctly to comply with legal regulations. Many companies choose to outsource these processes, looking for secure, efficient management to facilitate the company’s legal affairs.

Our solution offers the possibility of outsourcing certain legal support services. Specifically, the preparation and mercantile processing of all the legal documentation required for your company’s operation and paperwork, such as drafting minutes and powers of attorney, changing the company by-laws, changing the domicile, etc.

Commercial lawyer for company secretarial services

We provide full coverage in order to optimise the efficient management of your time, costs, and resources.

Our services include:

  • Preparing legal documentation for the normal agreements and decisions of companies and their governing bodies: drafting and approving annual accounts, changes to the governing body, change of domicile, changes to the by-laws, and so on.
  • Drafting and processing general and special powers.
  • Legal supervision of public deeds, and attending their granting with the client.

Commercial lawyer Madrid and Barcelona for legal service

Our team of lawyers will accompany and guide you in making decisions about your business. Many of these decisions require technical expertise in a variety of disciplines, all of which are covered by our professionals. Ask us about your case and we can offer a solution to suit your needs.

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Commercial lawyer for the management of the company paperwork and bookkeeping