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Mercantile Law Consulting

Mercantile law consulting services

We offer a comprehensive mercantile legal consultancy with a preventive approach. As well as problems and dysfunctional areas, we identify opportunities for improvement by providing monitoring mechanisms which warn of possible legal breaches.

Similarly, we attend to the specific situation of each client, with legal advice appropriate to their operational and financial needs. This includes business restructuring operations such as mergers, splits, business branch transfers, and so on.

GD Legal will provide you with trusted legal advisors who will keep you apprised of changes in the law which might affect you or interest you. You can enjoy comprehensive, ongoing and accessible legal advice.

Our team of lawyers will accompany and guide you in making decisions about your business. Many of these decisions require technical expertise in a variety of disciplines, all of which are covered by our professionals.

  • Legal consulting on your company’s financial and administrative structure.
  • Drafting shareholder agreements, joint accounts, equity loans, capital contributions, etc.
  • Advising on and drafting legal reports on the compensation of administrators and executives.
  • Business restructuring operations: national or cross-border mergers, splits, business branch transfers, transfers of assets and liabilities, capital increases and reductions, dissolution, liquidation, etc.
  • Incorporating companies.
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