Bankruptcy and Pre-bankruptcy

Advice in bankruptcy and pre-bankruptcy

At GD Legal we offer complete bankruptcy advice, both to companies and individuals. We advise our clients from the valuation and analysis of the estate to determine if it is necessary to present the application for bankruptcy or pre-bankruptcy (or communication of 5 bis), through the presentation of the bankruptcy application, both voluntary and necessary, and all phases of the bankruptcy procedure (common phase, liquidation and agreement), up to the qualification and conclusion phase of the contest.

We also advise creditors in the communication of credits and claims with the bankrupt or the bankruptcy administration.

Presentation of bankruptcy and pre-bankruptcy

We prepare applications for voluntary bankruptcy and pre-bankruptcy, as well as bankruptcy applications necessary by creditors.

Advice in all phases of the contest

We accompany our clients during all phases of the contest, from the declaration to the beginning of the agreement or liquidation phases.

  • Common phase: We advise on filing or answering bankruptcy incidents, defense or filing of reimbursement actions, credit communications, advice to creditors, etc.
  • Agreement or liquidation phase: we prepare agreement proposals and provide advice during liquidation to both creditors and the debtor himself.
  • Qualification phase of the contest: we advise in the defense of the debtor in case the qualification phase is opened to avoid the responsibility of the administrators or in the making of allegations by the interested parties to obtain a guilty plea declaration.

Collective dismissals (ERE and ERTE in bankruptcy)

Our specialists in labor law advise in all labor aspects of the bankruptcy, situation of workers, rights of workers, possibilities of action of companies, etc.

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