Liability and Insurance

Civil Lawyer Madrid and Barcelona for judicial proceedings

Civil law is inherent to and regulates most relationships held between companies and individuals. Civil liability arises from failure to fulfill a contractual or non-contractual obligation, requiring the damages caused to be repaired.

Attorneys who are experts in civil lawsuits for damages

GD Legal’s civil attorneys help our clients both in claims and defense in the following scenarios:

  • Non-contractual liability
  • Contractual liability
  • Professional liability
  • Product liability
  • Civil liability in construction
  • Consumer and user defense
  • Banking litigation: we provide consulting and defense in claims against banking institutions on issues such as floor clauses, preference actions, etc.
  • Insurance litigation: we assist insured parties when conflicts arise with the insurance company on the interpretation of a clause of the contract, coverage exclusion, etc.

Legal advice and lawyers for lawsuits

Consult us on your case with no obligation; we’ll be glad to help you. We offer comprehensive procedural law services involving not only the following of the procedure until a decision is made, but also going above and beyond.

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