Real Estate and Construction Procedure

Real estate lawyer for foreclosures and land clauses

Real estate and construction law is a practice that is quite closely linked with business administration, as property management, etc. is closely related to this activity.

Real estate lawyers: multi-currency mortgages and lawsuits

That is why once the preventive side has protected our clients’ rights in contract negotiation, our real estate attorneys defend your rights in the event of a legal dispute.

Our team of expert attorneys specialized in procedural law have extensive experience in legal proceedings related to breach of contract and contract termination for all kinds of real estate contracts, both for companies and individuals.

Our services notably include the following:

  • Urban and rural leases
  • Floor clauses
  • Sale
  • Horizontal property conflicts
  • Division of assets
  • Mortgage foreclosures
  • Termination of joint ownership of property
  • Multi-currency mortgages
  • Claims for unpaid rent and evictions
  • Mortgage swaps

Real estate lawyer for horizontal property conflicts

If you’re in a complicated situation, don't hesitate to contact our real estate property attorneys with no obligation.

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