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Barcelona Lawyer and Madrid Lawyer for legal consultation

If your company needs an ad-hoc legal opinion in the field of labour, mercantile, tax or civil law, don’t hesitate to consult us. We understand that many companies cover their routine legal matters internally, or have already outsourced the service, but sometimes they need greater depth and breadth of legal expertise. GD Legal is here to help and guide you. 

Lawyer's office for specific legal services

Our structure, organization and expertise allow us to offer a legal consultancy service for small and medium-sized companies which can resolve and advise on any subject, no matter how complex. We focus on your query, resolving all the legal aspects to find the right solution.

Our coverage ranges from one-off situations such as the end of a business partnership, to end-of-year tax consulting, the acquisition of business lines, business splits, or complex and unique cases of labour relations. Our service covers the different legal or procedural situations which can arise in any business. 

Legal advice for legal services to companies

Don’t hesitate to contact us to settle that legal problem - we can advise you.

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If you have any questions or would like to expand information without commitment to our service "Occasional Legal Advice " , get in contact with us.

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