Sale or Purchase of a Company or Business

Lawyers for due diligence and purchase and sale of companies

The purchase of a company (small and medium-sized company or business) requires the type of expert multidisciplinary consultancy we specialize in at GD Legal. This type of operation is complex, with very specific characteristics, requiring the participation of different specialist consultants in the form of due diligence and inspection processes.

Madrid Lawyer and Barcelona Lawyer for Due Diligence

Our service covers a wide range, from checking the legality of the company and mercantile structure of the business to be sold or bought, to the validation of tax or labour law contingencies and liabilities, or the assessment of roles and the organisational structure of the company, coordinating with the financial audit teams and the agent managing the purchase, as a preliminary stage before the final negotiation which will lead to a deed of purchase of the company or business.

This service also covers analysis of the advisability of the corresponding company operation, whether a merger or spin-off of the business branch or activity being bought or sold.

Legal advice for acquisitions, mergers and spin-offs

Enquire with no commitment on your part. We know that company purchases require specific execution periods and specializations, and we can help you in these areas.

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Legal service for the purchase and sale of companies and due diligence